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Feeling Unwell? Trust Your Expert Pharmacist

A LIVERPOOL pharmacist is urging residents to speak to their chemist if they are feeling unwell and can’t get a fast appointment with their GP.

Eric Goodman of the Green Lane Pharmacy in South Liverpool says that people in communities should use their local chemists and be confident that they can seek advice. “A chemist is an expert in all medicines. Self-care is being urged across the NHS at the moment – particularly in the winter time.

“If someone feels unwell it’s a natural step to get a GP appointment, but at this time of year appointments quickly are difficult to get and rather than waiting up to a week to get medical advice, drop into your local pharmacy. We can help to treat people and if absolutely necessary can make the call to your GP direct and recommend an urgent appointment.”

Eric the pharmacist 2Pharmacists train for five years to gain their qualifications and Eric prides himself and his staff in their customer-focused approach. “It’s important that as a community pharmacy that we have an ‘open door’ policy. As a team we make it our priority to put the customer and patient first. Not feeling well is a terrible experience, so it’s important for us to keep empathy at the forefront of our practice, along with accurate advice.”

There is a scheme running across Liverpool called Care at The Chemist which allows the public to get medicines and advice for certain illnesses from the local pharmacy which would usually be available only on prescription. The illnesses which can be treated on the scheme don’t require a trip to the doctor first.

Also, if you don’t pay for prescriptions or have a pre-payment certificate you won’t pay at the chemist under the scheme either. Some conditions which come under the scheme include; conjunctivitis, athlete’s foot, coughs, ulcers, sore throats and more. Ask your pharmacist for a full list for what is covered.

“No matter what the problem is, if you can’t get to the doctor don’t just go to the hospital,” added Eric. “Go along to your local chemist and see what advice they have.

“Also don’t leave it to fester if you’re unwell. We are here to help and keep you well.”

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