Winter Assistance Packs To Support Local Vulnerable Residents

Brenda Conifer, Margaret Caslin, Rachael Gosling, Diane Singleton and Patricia Woosey
LIVERPOOL Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) is partnering with a range of local agencies, including Local Solutions, local housing trusts and agencies such as the Whitechapel Centre to support the delivery of Winter Assistance Packs to help communities across Liverpool this winter.Local Solutions are coordinating the packing and distribution of the winter packs during a ‘mass packing’ day with the Trust and a range of other community volunteers on Friday 20th November.They estimate that between 750 and 1,000 vulnerable adults and families across the city will benefit from them over the coming weeks.The packs contain a range of basic winter supplies from gloves, hats and scarves to tea and coffee, mince pies, blankets and shower gel. The packs also include information to promote health and wellbeing services and equipment which are available to local people to assist them with living independently, keeping safe and warm.Nurses working in Walk-in Centres, District Nurses and Community Matrons across Liverpool are helping to identify vulnerable and elderly patients who could benefit from the packs, and might need extra support to stay warm and well during the coming winter snap.Carole Panteli, Interim Director of Nursing at LCH said: “The Winter Assistance Packs will provide invaluable support to some of the most vulnerable adults across Liverpool over the winter period. I am proud that LCH has helped to fund these packs, and that so many of our staff have also volunteered their time to help support the packing and distribution of these packs across the city too.”Diane Singleton, Lead Nurse for Older People and Liveability at LCH added: “This is a fantastic initiative that brings agencies together for one common purpose, to help those most vulnerable over the winter months. Cold weather greatly increases the risk of people falling ill, particularly those with existing health conditions, very young children and older people who are often more vulnerable to slips, falls and serious illnesses such as flu over winter.”“Our hope is that these packs will provide vital support, and help some of the most vulnerable members of our local communities to remain healthy this winter, and to live longer healthier lives”For more information you can visit