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Stella McCartney launches lingerie set to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Stella McCartney has released exclusive lingerie to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Linda McCartney Centre.

The designer wants the specially designed lingerie set to raise awareness around the disease and encourage women to keep healthy.

Stella said: “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women all over the world. While most people are aware of the terrible disease, many forget to take the steps to make the effort to detect it at its early stages, so I designed a set to remind women to consider their health and visit their doctor regularly. Not only does this set look and fit great, it also serves as an important healthy reminder.”

Following Kate Moss’ support for last year’s campaign, this year sees Cara Delevingne modelling the lingerie, forming a heart on her chest and incorporating the Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon.

Stella added:  “We were so thrilled when Cara said yes to this project because she represents a generation of young women that we are really trying to reach and catch the attention of. Cara also brings a level of coolness to the campaign; so there is no taboo, no shame involved. She has that confidence that we want to bring to a new generation of young women and also inspire all generations of women to be aware of breast cancer and to be aware that preventing it is the most positive approach.”

Ged Carter, head of fundraising, said: “It’s fantastic that Stella is again offering her talent and her team to help us to improve breast cancer services for women across Merseyside and Cheshire. Our fundraisers – no matter who they are – are all helping us to improve outcomes for women facing breast cancer.

“The brilliant thing about R Appeal is that everyone can do their bit to raise money. Stella has a close connection to this hospital, and her new campaign will help us to reach our target.”

A percentage of the profits from the range will be donated to the Linda McCartney Centre, the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the US and the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia.

For more information on the exclusive new range visit www.stellamccartney.com

To find out more about R Charity and its £10million Appeal visit www.rlbuht.nhs.uk/Fundraising



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