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Sleeping Beauty at the Floral Pavilion

GNL’s Jean Hill has been finding out about this year’s panto at New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion…

It’s a spellbinding cast and it has been a brilliant experience meeting some of the actors in panto costume, complete with spinning wheel, and excitement is definitely in the air after the huge success of ‘Snow White’ last Christmas.  The cast includes: Charles Burden, Vicky Entwistle, Marcus Knibbs, and Richard Meet, and I had the opportunity to interview some of the actors.

Sarah Jane Buckley, Amy Thompson and Adam Moss were delighted to be working together again. Sarah is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and as I chatted with them, I realised there was a common theme, and that was to encourage young people to enjoy performance arts.  All three feel passionate about involving children and young people in live theatre. They think panto is the ideal way to make this happen. You’d have to be made of stone not to be engaged by the banter and back and forth of panto, and it’s what brings performances alive, getting that response from the audience, and it introduces live theatre to a new generation. The word is that Vicky Entwistle, of Coronation Street fame, is a scary Carabosse, though Sarah-Jane, as the Good Fairy, will be more than her match.  Adam obviously has a love affair with panto and gets to play the fool with Marcus Knibbs (as King) as his foil, and the cast is very excited to be spending Christmas ‘together’ in New Brighton doing what they adore: entertaining folk. Amy points out that the part she plays, Princess Briar Rose (an English rose beauty), is a strong feisty character, and that’s a key element for her.

The costumes are fabulous, as is the cast, and their enthusiasm is impossible to resist. I will be there and I will be loving every minute: it’s where the holiday celebrations begin.

Sleeping Beauty runs from: December 9th 2015 until 3rd January 2016 (excluding 14th, 18th + 25th December 2015 + 1st January 2016).

Box Office: 0151 666 0000

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