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Last chance to see extraordinary exhibition

WORLD Museum in Liverpool invites visitors to see the breathtaking exhibition, Mayas: revelation of an endless time, before it closes on 18 October 2015.

The exhibition looks back thousands of years to the Mesoamerican civilisation of the ancient Maya, and Liverpool is the only place to host it in the UK.

Since it opened in June this year, World Museum has welcomed more than 230,000 visitors to the free exhibition, and taken them on an illuminating journey to an age of majestic warriors, astronomy and learning, shamanic rituals and human sacrifice.

Visitors have found the exhibition moving and beautiful, with comments including:

Incredible and humbling exhibition on the Maya civilisation

The Mayas exhibition is just wonderful – it blew me away

Steve Judd, Director of World Museum said: “It’s a great honour to have Mayas: revelation of an endless time in Liverpool. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the finest archaeological treasures from Mexico, don’t miss it!”

The ancient Maya kingdoms stretched from eastern Mexico to modern day Guatemala, Belize and into western Honduras and El Salvador, from 1000BC – AD 1542.

What made the ancient Mayas look to the stars? Why was their civilisation so powerful? How did they communicate? Find out the answers and other revealing facts in Mayas: revelation of an endless time.

Through 385 stunning objects from museums and historical sites in Mexico, the exhibition explores this extraordinary people whose culture is still alive today.

The Ambassador of Mexico, Diego Gomez-Pickering said: “Undoubtedly this exhibition unveils mesmerizing details about the Mayan civilization, but also showcases to every visitor the value of Mexico’s history and the great diversity of its cultural routes.”

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October, visitors can enjoy an afternoon of music from the outstanding female mariachi band, Mariachi Las Adelitas. The Latin American group will be treating visitors to traditional mariachi classics, and some well- known modern hits!

There is still a chance to purchase beautiful Mexican jewellery, books and crafts in the Mayas: revelation of an endless time exhibition shop at World Museum and online.

Mayas: revelation of an endless time has been produced by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) in Mexico. It is part of the 2015 Dual Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom in Mexico.

The World Cultures Gallery within World Museum contains stunning objects from our Americas collection, ranging from South America to the Arctic, with a large display of Mesoamerican archaeology.

To celebrate the Year of Mexico in the UK, World Museum is also displaying its Codex Fejérvary-Mayer, an exceptionally rare deer skin book from the Mixtec of central Mexico, for the duration of the Mayas: revelation of an endless time exhibition.

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