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Youngsters take centre stage with The Emotions Project

Almost 100 youngsters took part in The Emotions Project performance at the Epstein theatre last month.

The project, which is organised by Liverpool performing arts company MD Productions, is nationally recognised as a crime prevention and reduction initiative which has won the national Crimebeat Award 2015.

During the one hour 40 minute show participants channeled their creativity into dancing, singing, acting, reading poetry, rapping and involvement behind the scenes with staging, lighting, costume, make-up and marketing.

The Emotions Project has been able to continue thanks to the generous support of The Morgan Foundation, Your Housing Group, CashforKids and PH Holt Foundation.

The Emotions Project performance is free for all, making theatre accessible to everyone. Those taking part have been working since January with weekly professional performance tuition, personal and confidential support via a nominated key worker, have had meals provided and accessed a vibrant community of like minded individuals.

The show received praise in 2014 for the way those involved were able to use creativity to express their views on difficult issues faced by young people today including racism, drug dependency, abuse and violence.

Emotions creative director Miguel Doforo said: “I am so pleased that we were able to bring the Emotions project back to Liverpool in 2015. This year the project has grown and succeeded in recruiting close to 100 people, providing creative training that they might not ordinarily be able to access.

“The Emotions Project aims to raise aspirations, build communities, increase fitness, explore creativity and learn new skills in various creative disciplines from performance to behind the scenes, makeup to marketing.”

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