Pilot Theatre explore themes of migration and immigration in Outsiders at Playhouse Studio

PILOT Theatre return to the Playhouse this October with their new play Outsiders, from 13 to 17 October. Yorkshire-based Pilot were last in Liverpool in 2012 with The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, and their new production also offers a fresh perspective on a classic novel – Albert Camus’ L’Étranger (The Outsider).

This compelling reimagining of Camus’ enigmatic story is written by Emteaz Hussain following her highly acclaimed play Blood which, like Outsiders, gave new life to a well-known story, placing the story of Romeo and Juliet in to a Pakistani community in contemporary Britain.

The sun was beating down on the beach. Five shots rang out and a man fell to the ground. A nameless Arab, dead.

Many years later two women, one French, one Algerian look up at the so blue sky and wonder what really happened to their lives that day and who they and each other are now.

Directed by Fraser Corfield (Artistic Director for the Australian Theatre for Young People), Outsiders looks back to the murder of an unnamed man in Algeria in the 1940’s and reimagines the surrounding events from the perspective of the gunman’s girlfriend and the dead man’s sister. The two women, Marie and Sumaya, are both trying to understand and come to terms with the traumatic ordeal. They share their experiences, taking the audience on their individual journeys to ask whether in their meeting they are able to reconcile deep rooted personal, cultural, social and political differences.

Outsiders brings to life two forgotten voices from very different perspectives, taking the audience on a journey that explores deep rooted personal, cultural, social and political differences, drawing compelling reference to contemporary issues. This is a production that will have an impact on everyone who sees it.

The cast features Lou Broadbent and Sara Sadeghi. Lou has featured in Holby City, Atlantis and Land Girls for the BBC. In theatre, her credits include playing Lady Macbeth for the Young Shakespeare Company as well as Keepsake and Two Rooms for Free Trade Productions. Sara’s theatre credits include Come Closer and Hunger for Trade for the Royal Exchange, Veil for Mama Quilla and Aladdin for CAST in Doncaster. In television, Sara has featured in Hollyoaks, Ordinary Lies and Coronation Street.