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Delifonseca team ups with new local independent roaster to create exclusive coffee blend

IN the run up to International Coffee Day (September 29), award-winning Delifonseca has teamed up with independent speciality coffee roasters Neighbourhood Coffee to create its own premium house espresso blend.

The exclusively named ‘Delifonseca Espresso Blend’ will be served at Fonseca’s ‘Downstairs’ Café Bar, located between the edge of the central shopping zone and the city’s business district.

The blend will also be available at the Dockside eatery and stocked for purchase at its in-house food hall.

Proprietor of Delifonseca Candice Fonseca said: “I’ve known the guys behind Neighbourhood Coffee for many years and they are as crazy about good food and drink as I am. Not only that, they have been international coffee traders for the last five years so their detailed knowledge from green bean to final roast is impeccable. I was so pleased to hear that they were taking the leap and setting up a roastery on their home turf in Liverpool and jumped at the chance to work with them to create a new Delifonseca product.

Delifonseca & Neighbourhood Coffee LR (2)“In honour of the new coffee blend, staff members have been on additional coffee training and barista skills have been brushed up. Fonseca’s will now be without doubt be serving the best coffee in the business district and our aim is to be the ‘go-to’ daytime coffee meeting venue with our great hot beverages and free Wi-Fi.”

Neighbourhood Coffee roasts the finest Arabica coffee while maintaining strong relationships with its coffee-producing communities to ensure the best quality working conditions for its suppliers.

Candice added: “At Delifonseca, we enjoy teaming up with local businesses to bring exciting and innovative offerings to our customers. Our affiliation with Neighbourhood Coffee follows a long history of working collectively with independent producers. In fact, our regulars can rest easy in the knowledge that we will continue to retail the great coffees produced by Adams & Russell in Birkenhead – another longstanding relationship which we intend to continue.”

Co-founder of Neighbourhood Coffee Chris Holloway added: “If you think of Liverpool food and drink heroes, then Candice and the team at Delifonseca are top of the pile. We’re really excited to be working with them to continue to develop Liverpool’s growing specialty coffee scene. It’s a great opportunity to combine the love we have for specialty coffee and telling the story behind it, with their all-round excellence and passion for artisan food and drink.”

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