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With Love From Liverpool

LEADERS, musicians and businesses alike from across the city have rallied together to host this one-off concert in an urgent bid to support the desperate plight of thousands of refugee families fleeing from war. All monies raised will be donated to British Red Cross.

The current musical line-up includes The Farm, OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), John Power and members of CAST, Space, The Icicle Works and Sense of Sound. Further artists are to be confirmed in the coming days.

Tickets cost £25 (inclusive of £1.50 booking fee), and are available from www.echoarena.com or by calling 0844 8000 400 and will be available on 9th September, 2015 from 9am.

John Bishop, the much-loved Liverpool comedian, will be hosting the concert alongside legendary BBC Radio 2 broadcaster, Janice Long.

John Bishop, comedian, said:

“When Joe asked me I was delighted to say yes, the plight of the refugees is heartbreaking and what we are seeing on our screens is something that moves us all. This city has always helped those in need and the money raised will come from the heart of this city with love, it will be a great night for a great cause. We can’t all physically put our arms around those we have seen suffering, but by coming to enjoy a nights entertainment every person there will be helping the Red Cross reach out and provide the compassion we all feel – it’s simple, come and contribute to a great cause by having a great night.”

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said:

“Liverpool’s response to last week’s horrifying revelations surrounding the ongoing refugee crisis has been nothing short of overwhelming. When it comes to reaching out and offering solidarity to the families whose homes have been ripped away from them, Liverpool is leading the way. Now, Liverpool is stepping up to the plate once more with the ‘With Love From Liverpool’ concert. We’re using our reputation for world-class music to now help save lives across the globe.”

Peter Hooton, lead singer of The Farm, said:

“When we were approached to perform at the concert, we immediately said ‘yes’ – it was a no-brainer, no matter how short the notice was. We’ve all been moved by what is a humanitarian crisis and we’ve all got a role to play in supporting those in need. I just know Liverpool and its people will come out in force to support this concert – it’s what we do, it’s who we are.”

Liverpool set the example for the rest of the country just last week when Mayor Joe Anderson made national news by becoming the first UK Mayor to actively offer to house refugees in the city.

All proceeds from the ‘With Love From Liverpool’ concert will be made to British Red Cross, who are carrying out crucial work across the continent. Their activities include giving food, water and medical aid to refugees arriving in the continent and ensuring that families stay together throughout the long and gruelling journey. They are also working with search and rescue teams in Italy, saving families from drowning during the perilous crossing.

Tina Robinson, senior community fundraiser for Merseyside, said:

“The surge in awareness and support over the past week has been astounding, and I’m grateful that so many people have finally realised the extent of the grave situation. These people aren’t coming to Europe for a ‘better life’, but simply to stay alive. They are refugees, fleeing from war.

The work that we’re carrying out is varied and addresses a number of critical issues. In addition to providing on-the-spot immediate aid, we’re also guiding refugees through the asylum process, making sure that families stay together and that children don’t get separated from their parents during the chaotic journey across the continent.”

‘With Love From Liverpool’ will be held on Saturday, 19th September at the ECHO Arena. Doors will open at 6.30pm with the concert starting at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £25 (inclusive of £1.50 booking fee), and are available from www.echoarena.com or by calling 0844 8000 400 and will be available on 9th September, 2015 from 9am.

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