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Mayas: Revelation of an Endless Time

World Museum Liverpool until 18th Oct 2015

Step back to an ancient time and discover the powerful and revealing world of the Mayas. This was a time of warriors, shamanic rituals, human sacrifice, jade treasures, advanced knowledge and veneration of the cosmos.

The ancient Maya was a Mesoamerican civilisation that has left a far-reaching legacy of architectural, cultural and artistic achievements.

Through 385 stunning objects from museums and Maya sites in Mexico, from striking funerary masks to intricate jade jewellery, the exhibition explores this extraordinary civilisation whose culture is still alive today.

This is the only opportunity to see this breathtaking exhibition in the UK.

This exhibition has been produced by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) in Mexico. It is part of the 2015 ‘Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom’ and ‘Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico’

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