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Pay-per-minute cafe where everything is free!

A NEW alternative coffee shop social space has opened on Liverpool’s Albert Dock where all the food and drink is free.

Ziferblat, which already has venues in London and Manchester and a further 12 branches elsewhere, is a new concept which offers a co-working relaxed space where punters pay six pence for every minute they spend there.

Ben Davies of Ziferblat said: “The venue is set out like a huge sitting room. People can come in and relax, work or socialise and help themselves to snacks and coffee.

“We have had a great success rate with the other branches and Liverpool was a natural step for us. The venue at the Albert Dock is perfect for the concept. This is a thriving, creative, cultural city and it reflect perfectly on what Ziferblat is delivering.”

The food available includes tea varieties, freshly ground coffee, brownies, cakes, biscuits, cookies, cereal, toast, scones, snacks, fruits and Wi-Fi is also available for use.

“Guests are free to relax, work, study, hold a meeting or workshop, read a book, play piano, get acquainted with good people and attend one of the many activities or events. They become a micro tenant of the space, encouraged to kick their shoes off and treat it like home,” Ben added.

The venue will also hold events such as yoga classes, knitting groups, open mic nights and more.

Originally from Russia, the concept was developed back in 2011 by a group of poets in Moscow, lead by founder Ivan Meetin. Their “treehouse for adults” developed into the original pay per minute concept we see today in branches around Europe.

Ziferblat is now open at The Colonnades, Albert Dock.

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