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NWCR commits cash to city projects

LIVERPOOL-BASED North West Cancer Research (NWCR) has announced that it will provide approximately £763,581 to support projects in the city as part of its latest drive to fund vital cancer research.
This will take the total amount of funding provided by the charity this year to more than £2million, following an earlier £1.3million commitment announced in March.

NWCR is the region’s biggest and only locally-based cancer research charity and has been supporting ways to increase our understanding of cancer in Liverpool since 1948. NWCR also facilitates research at Lancaster University and Bangor University.

Around £313,581 of its latest round of agreed funding will support two projects at the University of Liverpool. It will also provide financial support to create three basic science Doctoral Training Programme studentships at the NWCR Cancer Research Centre – which will help to lay the foundations for the next generation of cancer researchers.

Additionally, the charity has agreed to continued funding for a Cancer Inequalities Researcher, who will spend time looking at the links between cancer rates and socio-economic conditions in the North West. The outcomes of this research, will inform policies and practices to reduce cancer health inequalities in the region and beyond.

The funded projects will cover research in the three main areas of basic, translational and preventative science and will help to increase our understanding of how we can detect, treat and prevent cancers.
One of the projects will look at the how to overcome cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy treatment of bladder cancer and the other will look at how certain biological markers on cancer cells ‘identity cards’ behave in the development of lung cancer and uveal cancer – a cancer of the eye.

Anne Jackson, CEO NWCR, said: “With Liverpool and the North West having some of the highest incidences of cancer in the whole of the UK, it is absolutely critical that we continue to fund innovative and effective ways in which to deal with the problem.

“We have now agreed to a commitment this year of more than £2million to projects across the North West – a commitment which we hope to build upon over the coming years.

“NWCR prides itself on only backing the very highest standard of research, ensuring the best value for the support we provide.”


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