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Sister-in-need gives snapper fitness focus

A LIVERPOOL photographer is taking on a huge challenge to raise money for her sister in Lithuania.
Viktorija Grigorjevaite, who lives in the city centre, is on a mission to compete in one of the UK’s biggest bodybuilding and fitness competitions in November.

She told Good News Liverpool: “I’ve never trained properly before so it’s a huge change in my life.”
The challenge which Vikjorija is taking on is to raise money for her sister Erika, who in the last few years has been involved in two serious road traffic accidents and as a result has been left with low self-esteem and £10,000 of legal bills back in Lithuania.

“I hope to contribute to Erika’s legal costs as well as show her that there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it.

“Although she still lives in our home town of Panevezys we are so close. Our bond is strong and to see her worldview shaken so abruptly is heart-breaking. I wanted to do something extreme to show that as humans, if we really focus we can accomplish anything.”

Viktorija will have to lose three stone and tone up, reshaping her body for the competition, which sees entrants in different categories from all over the UK – most of them professional.

“It’s really intimidating,” she adds, “and the diet and exercise regime is rigorous.
“I go to the gym 12 times a week to train different parts of my body and the food is difficult to get used to. Making sure I get all the essential nutrients and no indulging is the hardest part for me.”

Viktorija has received help donated by Liverpool personal training organisation Elite Fitness, who have trained professionals to compete in UKBBF and similar competitions.

“The team at Elite have been amazing. They have been over the details with me of how I have to get into shape and what to expect from the process. It’s very important to me to stay healthy, and Elite have created a very strict diet which I can follow and will make sure I am doing this the safe way.

“Like many people, I have struggled to keep my weight consistent and achieve my desired body shape. I now feel better in myself, although I’m excited to eat Red Velvet cake again. I feel like nothing will get in my way of my goal.”

As the owner of her own commercial photography business Sane Seven, Viktorija said the skills she has put into place to take on this challenge have translated over to her every-day life: “It’s taught me the power of focus. I feel like we are so easily distracted in life, and in general we give up on goals so easily without even thinking about it. It’s been amazing for my work to hone in on the skills of reaching an end game for each task.

“I am doing this challenge to beak this pattern and show my sister Erika that no mountain is high enough to stop us from reaching our goals – so bring on the bikini fitness competition in November.”

To support Viktorija you can visit http://www.gofundme.com/supportmychallenge and follow her story via www.facebook.com/bikinifitnesschallenge

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