Rare student signs to top LA agency

A LIVERPOOL-born rising star has been signed to a prestigious Los Angeles casting agency after her viral video was spotted by one of the industry’s leading talent managers.

At just 13 years old, Mia Carragher, has been working tirelessly to forge a career in the entertainment industry – whilst balancing her intensive training at Liverpool-based performing arts school, Rare Studio, with her academic studies. However, it was on a trip to New York with the Rare team in April that she encountered SayQuon Keys, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, which led to her being discovered by Two Management.

During a class at the world-renowned Broadway Dance Centre, Mia was chosen to perform a solo by Keys, whose roster includes Britney Spears and The Black Eyed Peas, in front of a 60-strong crowd of industry leaders and friends. The video of her performance has since racked up over 78,000 views in just a few months which caught the attention of agency Two Management.

Luc Brinker, president of Two Management and friend to acclaimed models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, spotted the video on Instagram and immediately wanted to sign Mia to his agency. She has since signed an exclusive deal which will enable her to be a part of his collective of models and creatives whilst she continues her training at Rare Studio.

Lindsay Inglesby, director of Rare Studio, said: “We couldn’t be happier to see Mia signed to Two Management. It’s a huge deal to achieve this at 13 and not only demonstrates her immense talent, but also the power of social media.

“I witnessed her perform that solo, and it was nothing short of unbelievable. At the time, Mia was only 12 and to watch her dance with a world-renowned choreographer in front of a packed room was truly a pivotal moment in her career. Mia came to Rare Studio as 10-year-old and we knew instantly she had something special about her. She’s in classes up to six or seven nights a week and consistently strives for excellence. We’re so excited to watch her career unfold.”

The support that Rare Studio gives young people goes far beyond the studio. Students in difficult circumstances are given pastoral and financial support to help them not just stand on their own two feet, but dance, act and thrive on them.

In 2015 the team behind Rare Studio opened up Rare School of Fashion, a similar charitable institute that focuses on finding and nurturing the next generation of designers and stylists.

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